• Automobile battery BlackMax 6ST-220Ah Az 1250A (EN) BT5079

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BlackMax 220A car battery BT5079 Az- Heavy-duty truck with excellent battery performance and this German quality, excels during operation. Equipped with modern elements and ventilated system is located on the housing cover vent unimpeded outputting waste elements. The electrodes are strengthened by the addition of calcium in the lead, so that the battery is endowed with essential for the operation, especially on our roads, vibration resistance property. Together with the resistance to vibration, and increased resistance to cyclic loads resulting from pressure inside. The last action is governed located in the middle of the valves. Calcium prevents gassing; element also reduces internal resistance, preventing self-discharge. Application developers calcium technology has provided the possibility of making the plate thinner, while increasing their number, because of which an increase and capacity, respectively, increasing power. Features and benefits of the battery 220A BlackMax BT5079 Az: serviced resource Lead-calcium sure start Resource 5+ years low self-discharge gas extraction system and built-in flame arresters
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    Capacity 220
    Starting Current 1250
    Polarity side (plus left)
    Body Type Cargo
    Din-Type HD 51-27 (225 Din)
    Dimensions 518x276x242
    Voltage 12

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    Automobile battery BlackMax 6ST-220Ah Az 1250A (EN) BT5079

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