Jump cable

Jump cable

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Get starting current is not possible at a low charge car battery. In such cases, it helps start-up cable. It allows a light battery by a charged battery pack. Most often, these wires need arises after the battery self-discharge due to a long idle or parked due to a low ambient temperature. On our site starting cable of good quality. You can select the desired option, and we'll show you how to make the right choice & nbsp;.

The main differences between the wires for lighting & nbsp;

In the selection of the most suitable wiring it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • thickness (cross-section);
  • Material;
  • length;
  • type of attachment.

    The wire must have an optimum width. Please note: the larger the diameter, the lower the resistance of electricity - the current and voltage will be faster and with less losses. From the materials the best characteristics of the conductivity of copper has - that she should be preferred. A insulation should be hardy. Pick up enough length for convenient connection of two batteries of cars, but not too long, as this reduces the quality of the starting current gear.

    Mount also has a great importance. It is better that the so-called "crocodile" had a large surface area in contact with the terminals, it has been a reliable and provides a solid attachment. Connection type with wire - spike. Material "crocodile" - the same copper. You can select and order the right cable for you starting length and width.