Distilled water

Distilled water

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Distilled water is added to the battery in order to maintain an optimum concentration of electrolytes, as well as maintaining its plates in a wet state. They can not drain - it is fraught with breakage of the battery. Also in solution, and excessive concentration of sulfuric acid will carry destruction, and not good. This will lead to a gradual breakdown Battery & nbsp;.

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Features a means

So, the battery with distilled water has a major protective effect of dissolving its electrochemical composition to an optimum level. This contributes to the best conductivity and durability of the device. In fact, this liquid is water tighter, but without any impurities - is pure variant thereof. Flow, boiling and other analogues cause electrolyte precipitate and worsen its characteristics, reducing the service life & nbsp;.

It is important to maintain an optimal density of the electrolyte:

  • in modern batteries is considered optimum density of about 1.27 g / cm3;
  • at a low acid level in an electrochemical liquid it may simply freeze even at -3 or -5 degrees Celsius;
  • with a high level begins gradually destructive processes in the plates increase the amount of sludge in the form of salts & nbsp;.

    larger or smaller ratio distillate / acid batteries adversely affect the & nbsp;.


    So, you require distilled water: the battery showed a low level of liquid and took his dozalivka. During the neotkorye important to remember the rules:

    • refilling shall not be performed if you have just turned off the engine;
    • can not also start the internal combustion engine immediately after topping up - wait for the next morning;
    • Make sure to check the electrolyte level before / after;
    • before the procedure, disconnect the battery from the on-board network of car;
    • produce a procedure for heat.

      And remember that dozalivka not return to its former capacity of the battery, and will only prolong and improve its performance for a while. In some cases, you may need to dozalivka electrolytes or complete replacement of electrochemical fluid. High-quality electrolytes also available on our website & nbsp;.

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