Traction batteries

Traction batteries

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Traction batteries used in industry and for motor vehicles. The main consumers of such batteries are electric traction vehicles (trucks at warehouses and stores). Also apply traction battery in hazardous occupations, which is necessary to apply a safer battery, which can safely work in the conditions of gas concentration and emit during operation and charging sulfur dioxide as a conventional lead-acid batteries. Also, the traction battery is indispensable when using floor cleaning machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, elektromoek, as well as other equipment for sanitary works, which also provides a significant resource savings. Traction batteries are designed for long loads, under which they will always give out a constant current. A small sample of the traction battery is used, for example, miners helmets.

They come in several forms: gel and ordinary, charged liquid electrolyte (the meadow instead of sulfuric acid). Gel batteries are much easier to use and lasts longer. Batteries with electrolyte cheap but trebuyun separate room for recharging, since from them may go evaporation, harmful to the human body. Since the electrolyte is heated during charging and may even "boil" and certain gases are emitted depending on the electrolyte type, manufacturing charging battery management portion should be equipped with forced ventilation.

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