Auto tool

Auto tool

Select a quality car tool is difficult, because the store offers a wide range of tools, but it's hard to pick the one that meets the requirements and specifications. Buy high-quality automotive tools at a reasonable price in Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine, please visit the online store "Auto pharmacy» - Properly selected tools - it is an opportunity to repair the problem with the car of varying complexity .

Tools Forms

In accordance with a joint in the shops selling automotive tools specialized or universal kits. The most common universal sets that are equipped with standard tools, and special kits are designed for professional autoelectricians and mechanics to repair vehicles at service stations. Spetsinstrumentary masters use to resolve a particular fault.

Forms tool for auto

Motorists prefer to set a universal tool, which includes a complete set:

  • wrenches. Keys presented the union or carob models, as well as a ratchet. Captures spanner or bolt with a nut on both sides, and with little effort, a bolt threadably amenable movement. Fixed keys with the head of the desired size are placed on the nut and cover it from all sides. The load is distributed evenly across all facets of the nut. Ratchet works complete with face heads;
  • screwdriver. Screwdriver on the design and purpose are divided into crusades (curly) and spline, and there are also models with an indicator (for inspection and repair electricians), drums with removable or interchangeable bits. The structure consists of a screwdriver handle, and the sting of the rod. To extend the functionality of screwdrivers with replaceable nozzles, automotive tools, you can shop to buy extra bits;
  • articulated car tool consists of a pair of pliers, wire cutters, side cutters, pliers, which carry out the work of cutting, the capture and retention of material and parts during repair;
  • tap wrenches and extensions to help motorists in those cases when it is necessary to use force to dismantle or assembly of parts;
  • mount, chisels, hammers, saws, metal nail files, and are also often used for the removal of small and serious malfunctions in the car;
  • auto-tools for injection into the mechanisms of lubricants;
  • gauges - pressure gauges for pressure measurement in tires, gauges for diesel and gasoline powertrains;
  • cutters and strippers for removing the worn parts.

    The criteria for the selection of automotive tools

    Before you buy car tool online-shop "Auto pharmacy" must take into account such factors:

    • appointment. Articles must be professional or universal, which can also be used for domestic purposes. The destination depends on a set of equipment and the price of the machine tools;
    • material of manufacture. The quality and composition of the material depends on product reliability and service time. The cutting edges are made of steel alloys (chlorine + vanadium + molybdenum or chloro) with an anticorrosive coating. Handles are often produced from plastic with rubber inserts;
    • brand vehicles. For repairs passenger cars fit the standard car tool kits and repair of cargo or passenger transport need to purchase additional keys or head into large bolts and nuts & nbsp;. & Nbsp;

      The main advantage of buying a car online tool-shop "Auto pharmacy" are - high quality products at an affordable price, as well as the provision of guarantees from domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as prompt delivery of goods purchased .