Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments

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Measuring devices for cars are needed to monitor the status and proper operation of systems and components. We offer pressure gauges, probes, compressometer for gasoline and diesel engines. Only proven brands and high quality, delivery in Ukraine.

Description range

Measuring devices help keep the vehicle under control of such important parameters - the pressure in the tires and engines, the gaps between the planes, if it is important to their exact value. Offer the following groups of devices:

  • The pressure gauge or pressure gauge is at each driver. With the help of regular tire pressure monitoring - habitual action. The accuracy of the measurement and performance of the device depends on handling and driving safety.
  • Probe - high-precision instrument for measuring the gaps between the parts of the vehicle. Set the gauge probe helps in maintenance of vehicles. The kit contains 13 pieces with precise dimensional parameters.
  • Compression - instrument used to check the condition of the cylinder and piston of the engine group. We offer solutions for diesel and gasoline engines. Diagnostics with its use helps to identify problems with the operation of the engine.

    Only high-quality measuring devices at affordable prices.