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compulsory element of any engine is a piston engine. He, in turn, piston rings, when they break the most important quality Remedy. Using this tool for repair will be possible. Offer to buy the crimp to the piston rings at a good price, delivery in Ukraine.


Crimping piston rings operating tool simplifies the installation details at the allotted place for it. Securely around the piston rings. Such a device is different in height and diameter.

Crimping piston rings necessary for proper installation and avoid damage to engine components. If you make a mistake, that is the risk of loads that the rings do not experience even when running engine. It is fraught with complex lesions and the failure of the engine.

Features tool:

  • crimping and fixing the piston rings when installing, replacing.

  • Material - high quality spring steel, there is a ratchet mechanism .

  • The presence of cuts - they prevent slippage of the belt tightening .

  • The use of tetrahedral key - with the help of delayed swage .

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