Socket heads

Socket heads

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Sockets nozzle to achieve optimal position of torque to a threaded joint. If you simply use it to be able to firmly tighten the screw. It can be used for the ratchets, screwdrivers. Offer to buy head sets different content at a reasonable price.


Sockets are classified according to the following criteria:

  • length.

  • Form your work profile.

  • square drive size.

  • Purpose and use -. General and special

    The head end of the length is standard and extended. The first type and the majority of them will be able to be used for the unwinding of any fasteners. Elongated need for specific fasteners.

    Shape - 6, 12-sided, candle, head of the improved profile & nbsp;. Hexagon is optimal from the standpoint of the workload. But in this case, a high angle, using the ratchet is minimized. Very claimed variants with improved profile. They can cope even with damaged fasteners. And all due to the fact that their burden falls on the faces of the middle rather than at the corners. The size of the attachment is measured in square inches, is such embodiments ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, 1. & nbsp;

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