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Hexagons are used to working with fasteners, which are created in a hat in the shape of a hexagon recess. When a car repair, furniture assembly and other purposes repair and construction of these keys are useful and worth to buy, and once as a set of & nbsp.; Our online store provides various complete sets of keys and formats. You can order through the "basket" or by contacting the consultants on the phone.

Design and production of materials

metal hexagon key, based on its rod with the corresponding profile. It assumes the power load, so the material manufacturing special requirements. It can be:

  • A high-strength carbon steel.

  • chrome vanadium alloy.

  • Hrommolibdenovy alloy.

    they are offered in different sizes, in accordance with ISO and ANSI metric system. The diameter of the hexagon of 0.4 to 46 mm. For use in different nodes in the repair of cars not immediately buy a set of hexagons.

    The main feature - the extremely high torque. Especially when compared with conventional screwdrivers. This instrument reading above 10 times. To make it convenient to use, it must be chosen so that it fits into the maximum metiz or cover it. In this case, the head of the fastener will not be affected.

    Important! Hexagon - is not the same type that the Torx screwdriver as a star with 6 rays. They are designed for different types of fasteners.

    The types and purpose

    Depending on the type, hexagons have a different purpose. Existing types:

    • Imbusovy.

    • T-shaped.

    • Universal.

      Imbusovy - the easiest option key. It intended for different fasteners, having an internal profile with six facets. The design is simple - z-shaped base with the same cross section along its length. With the shortened part can not create a significant force on the lever type. T-metiz applies if you want to apply a lot of effort. Hex is a versatile, which includes in itself several sizes.

      Hexagons are a standard tip and with the ball at one end of the instrument. With the second type of fasteners manage to unscrew inclined nearly 30 degrees. Conveniently, it is not required to rearrange after a full scrolling - it reduces the time of work .

      The advantages of using

      Hex Keys are used in many areas other than automotive. They have many advantages, even in the simplest options. These include:

      • A simple form and ease of & nbsp;.

      • The contact bolts and keys isolated from external factors.

      • Due to the 6 faces is achieved by close contact.

      • can be used with screws, without the head.

      • Reasonable price.

      • Torque is limited in length and thickness.

      • Worn faces can be restored.

        Tips for Choosing

        The choice of a high quality set of hexagons is not an easy task, but with our help, it will be able to cope. In any case they will be useful, at least in the machine repair, even when assembling furniture in the house. Selection rules:

        • For DIY or use in cars quite a set of 12 different diameters keys. Most often used sizes 3-5 & nbsp;.

        • The strongest keys from tool carbon steel and chrome vanadium alloy. They serve for many years, are not deformed.

        • Not worth saving, buying unknown manufacturers keys. Proposed brands we offer hexagons that meet international quality standards. Cheap same keys can damage hardware, which would entail large costs.

          If you are having difficulty with the selection of allen keys - please contact our consultants and the choice will not disappoint .