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The key-knob - it's a car or small tools, with which you can clamp or loosen the bolt head or nut and rotate them in the right direction. At an affordable price you can buy a knob in online store & nbsp;.

Design features of the driver-key

The design of the installation tool consists of a metal handle and attached to it for the snap sockets. The size and shape of the driver for the car varies in sizes and shapes. Additional elements in equipping instruments are:

- adapters. Used when working with fasteners of different sizes;

- Extension to handle. It is used when you need to twist / untwist strongly tighten the connection. Extension arm performs a function for increasing the degree of effort on the head;

- rattle. This is the mechanism that makes it easy to work with bolts, nuts and other fasteners and connectors removes the need to constantly turn the key. The design of the ratchet is - on the side of the head mounted boarding square ratchet. With this mechanism, when turning the key in one direction, the movement is stopped by turning back, thus accelerating the process of twisting or untwisting nuts and reduces stress on the hands. By turning the knob heard a slight crackling, which gave the name of the tool.

Types of automotive wrenches

In accordance with the shape tools are divided into these types:

- & nbsp; T-shaped tool is composed of a metal rod and a rotating head which is mounted on a square. Head can be fixed at a convenient location rod to transmit force to the fasteners as much as possible. Due to this structure, keys, wrenches can be used on complex fixtures and adjust the force pushing the lever;

- L-shaped type thanks to a long handle and a large torque can be increased pressing force and to cope with any difficulty fitting. These tools often used by professional craftsmen at the station;

- hinge. These instruments have a hinge mechanism that allows you to turn the knob 360 degrees and unscrew the fasteners in a remote place.

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