Auxiliary tools and fixtures

Auxiliary tools and fixtures

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The website online store can buy accessories and auxiliary tools for vehicle repair and glass replacement. The most common device is steklodomkraty (vacuum suction), which will help quickly and without damage to dismantle and installation of windshield, rear and side windows.

Suckers reliably fix car windows in the installation and carry.

Holders-sucker apply:

  • maintenance and repair vehicles;
  • glass and wood industry;
  • Printing;
  • the construction and finishing works.

    Steklodomkraty consist of a rubber membrane and pressure hull with a pen. The principle of operation of the device is to create a vacuum in the working plane, which firmly presses the gripping suction cup to the surface.

    The advantages of suction cup holder

    The main advantages steklodomkrata are:

    • ease of use;
    • reliability and structural strength;
    • You can perform work in confined spaces;
    • a long period of operation;
    • ability to re-install the glass.

      In the catalog online store "Auto pharmacy" presented holders of models with one, two or three suckers, which affects the technical capability - capacity (20 to 150 kg), the manufacture of the material (aluminum or high-strength plastic) .

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