Auto Compressors Pumps

Auto Compressors Pumps

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Car compressors, which can be in Ukraine to buy online online store "Auto pharmacy» -, are the most popular accessory among motorists. Until recently, motorists pumped tires mechanical leg or hand pumps, and today compressed air portable device has almost every car owner.

Scope of motor-compressor pump

Portable pumps for cars are not only used for tire inflation, as well as for other purposes - to pump up the air mattress, inflatable rubber boat & nbsp; .

The compressor for the car is also used for:

  • paint work;
  • for pneumatic tool (the jack, etc.).

    The main advantages of portable compressors are:

    • High performance (pumping up a flat tire occurs within 3-5 minutes). This indicator is important for motorists who are engaged in the work of partner garages independently;
    • Easy to operate and maintain;
    • reliability;
    • affordable price.

      Types of motor-compressor pump

      Today there are these types of devices - diaphragm and piston:

      • Piston. The mechanism of action of the device - a piston which starts pumping air by operating the electric motor. The design of this mechanism focuses on the quality of manufacturing materials parts, and especially a connecting rod, which should be made of alloyed steel. Tire inflation compressors used cars with a maximum pressure of up to 8 bar;
      • & nbsp; membrane. The pumps for cars have a simple mechanism. Air injection occurs due to the movement of the membrane by means of an electric motor. Membrane avtokompressory most commonly used in passenger cars.

        Selection Criteria

        In order to properly choose a device motorist to inflate automobile wheels, you need to know to device requirements and technical parameters:

        • the maximum pressure that can deliver the device. For domestic use (pump wheel in a bicycle or a moped) sufficient pressure at 2-3 atmospheres, but for a passenger car is better to choose a structure which outputs the 7 to 10 atmospheres;
        • performance. During tire inflation depends on device power and performance. The higher rate of air injection, the higher the performance and price of the device;
        • a way to connect to the network - through an outlet or car cigarette lighter 220;
        • cable length.

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