Pressure washers

Pressure washers

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Buy pressure washer for car & nbsp; in Kharkov, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine at a good price, please visit the online store "Auto pharmacy» - These devices allow you to quickly clean the car body from mud for self car wash. Also, the high pressure of the water that supplies the unit, allowing portal car use for domestic purposes - to wash the walls of the houses and the asphalt in the yard, wash carpet floor coverings .

Selection Criteria

Purchase minimoyki - this is the right solution for the motorist who does not want to pay big bucks for regular cleaning of the machine at the car wash. When choosing a need to focus on these factors:

- Material pump. Subject to rapid wear of pump, therefore the material for manufacturing the device depends on the operational period:

  • the cheapest material is plastic, which wear out quickly and less reliable. At low temperature plastic cracks and crumbles. It is not recommended to buy low-end models with plastic head;

  • silumin alloy (aluminum + silicon) has good technical features and parameters, but increased brittleness increases wear on parts of automobile high pressure washers;

  • Brass is sturdy metal resistant to corrosive degradation in conditions of high humidity, however brass head - is ideal in minimoyki .

    - the material production of pistons. Best to buy a device with steel or metal-ceramic pistons;

    - the maximum permissible water pressure. The norm is 110-160 atmospheres pressure, which will quickly wash the car body without damaging the paintwork;

    - motor power. Technical parameters of the washing must match the power of the electric motor. If the engine is in a high-pressure washer low power, then it will overheat at high loads, resulting in wear mechanisms.

    Also, when choosing a car wash to pay attention to the length of hose (the optimal length of 9-13 meters), water filtration (you can install an additional filter before connecting the device), safety valve, which protects the device in an emergency situation, the number of nozzles and tank placement detergent.

    Engines on household high pressure car washes are cooled by air, and on the professional and expensive for the price -. Water by