Distilled water

Distilled water

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Distilled water - it is a liquid, free from various impurities. Is used for its manufacturing technique of boiling, when the water is converted into steam and condenses into the purified liquid, and harmful components, separating, settle to the bottom of dishes. In this case, no liquid sorts of impurities - bacteria, heavy metals, organic compounds and gases. To buy at a bargain price with distilled water in Kiev and other regions of the country for use in the car can be on the official website of the online store "Auto pharmacy» -avtoapteka.net.ua & nbsp;.

Scope of distilled water

The liquid which has passed the distillation process is used in various spheres of management. Most often it is used in:

  • agriculture;
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals;
  • and metallurgical industries;
  • laboratories;
  • perfume industry and cosmetology;
  • vehicles - cars distilled water for diluting the electrolyte used for the secondary battery (must be diluted to achieve the desired density) to be mixed with antifreeze, to achieve the desired anti-freeze freezing temperature, to add to the washer;
  • living conditions - are added to the irons with the option of stripping, dilute the concentrated mixture, etc. .

    Features and types of water passing through the distillation

    Distilled water is used where there is no room for even the slightest impurities and pollution. There are several kinds of distilled water, which is commercially available:

    • common. Used for automotive applications - the battery, wipers or radiator battery. The cost of this type of product is acceptable, so motorists are used to the car and household use is common demineralized water;
    • double cleaning (bidistilled). Used in laboratories for biochemical analyzes and microbiological research;
    • chemically treated fluid - using radioisotopes (complete absence of volatile gases and compounds);
    • the most pure demineralized water - deionized .

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