Tire sealants

Tire sealants

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Every motorist closely monitors the state of your car. But sooner or later it happens that breaks the wheel at the most inopportune moment, and do not always have a spare to change. It is in these situations means puncture the tires will be indispensable. Choose sealant for tires should be, based on weather conditions. Also, when buying, note that some sealant cools the wheel, which is very good in the summer and winter is not desirable.

There are two types of funds from the puncture tires: maintenance and repair. With regards to the first can be said that they are used even for new tires, because it is better to prevent a puncture than fix it. Applying a sealant is very simple: just enter through the nipple to the contents of the tire where it is uniformly distributed over the course of movement. When there was some kind of a hole, the driver can even notice it, and not because the sealant to close a tire defect in the tires, and the problem will be eliminated. Repair help when already there was a hole. It is enough to shake a can of spray and put the contents into the tire, and then you'll see how right in front of the wheel will get the same form. This may stand outwardly sealant in the form of bubbles, foam and so on. Among repair isolated and latex sealants, based on - the synthetic or natural fibers, and granules. Latex within the tire is distributed over the surface, it closes a gap and contacting with air, solidifies. In the second embodiment, the liquid or froth is formed, which create the damaged surface film and thereby restores the integrity of.

Choose the tire sealant is necessary, first of all, from the values ​​of the minimum temperature. This is due to the fact that certain sealants foreign producers can lose their properties when supercooling. Also look at how much a can be calculated, since tires have different radii.

In the catalog of our online store are products from the following manufacturers: Liqui Moly, Runway, Abro, Pingo, Hi-Gear, Zollex, Mannol. Funds from the puncture tire is very easy to use. Among the wide range you can buy sealants for tires antiprokol, a vulcanizing tires, polishes tires and plastic and sealant-swapping. Antiprokol perfect for both the chamber and tubeless tires. A sealant for filling the tire puncture removes about 8-10 5-6 mm. Buy a remedy for puncture tires can at good prices wholesale and retail in our online store. Thanks to the convenient form of registration, the order is processed and sent as soon as possible. Site managers are working seven days a week. If necessary, the delivery of goods is carried out in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. Many other consumables as well as spare parts can be found in the relevant sections.