Glass Sealants

Glass Sealants

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The set of glass or transparent plastic products have fairly good strength. These include not only the frontal, side and other car glass, but also normal window, aquarium and more. At occurrence of cracks and splinters must primarily mechanically connect them together and to provide sealing of the mating surfaces. These requirements are put forward, and when you install windows in the frame, so use special adhesives sealants and adhesives usual. These means ensure complete protection against the transmission of water and other substances. This means both the glass sealant has in our online store, it is perfect to glue different materials.

The basis of conventional adhesives for glasses - cyanoacrylates, as well as various additives, which ensure watertightness, UV protection, and other factors. Produced in small quantities and is designed for bonding small parts and small damages. Adhesive-sealants are polyurethane or silicone materials, always one component. They are not as firmly bonded surface, as conventional adhesives, but perfectly perform the sealing function. Most often they are used for the installation of windows or individual sections in openings for aquarium assembly. The most commonly used sealants for glass having a basis polyurethane, which interacts with the glass better than silicon. Upon contact with moisture sealants polymerize and harden. In a separate group endure sealants sprays. Due to their spraying possible not only to distribute the content, as well as use in difficult places. All modern glues have a "capillary effect", that is to penetrate deep into the cracks and fill them in.

Sealants (glues) for the glasses on our site are trademarks of RUNWAY, & nbsp; Done Deal, Zollex, K2, Abro. Sealant for glass is convenient to use: applied easily and instantly solidifies and can also be used for bonding glasses, is an excellent way to repair a windshield cracks. Sealants are applied as for windshields, hatches, and windows and other household items. High quality presentation of the goods will not leave any doubt about the choice of & nbsp;.

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