Automotive paints

Automotive paints

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Neatness, cleanliness and overall impression of the car owners is composed primarily of appearance of the car. Over time, it happens that the machine appear scratches, abrasions, slazit paint for various reasons, and there is a need to repaint it. The main characteristics of automotive paints are not sparkle and beauty, and from oxidation, corrosion protection. Automotive paint consists of a color-imparting pigments, solvents, causing the fluidity of the paint, and adhesives that provide reliable fastening on the back.

In our online shop you will find acrylic and alkyd enamel for automobiles. Acrylic paint for cars is a synthetic resin. For repairs apply thermo independent automotive paint, which does not need to raise the temperature for drying. Huge benefits acrylic coating: coating uniformity, dries quickly, has a beautiful luster after drying protects the car body, resistant to solvents, does not require additional coverage on top of varnish. The only drawback - it is necessary to apply 2, and sometimes 3 layers of paint. Alkyd paints have lower costs for vehicles, an excellent coating quality and good resistance to the damaging factors. After applying a sufficiently thick ink layer, which does not require additional staining. Less alkyd enamel - long drying time .

The site is paint for cars with the correct color pencils and restoration. For minor defects painting is better to use pencils. They quickly remove unwanted items, which may cause corrosion and a large-scale damage. Pencils are easy to use, does not occupy much space.

In the catalog of our online store are enamel at the best prices. A wide range of automotive paints at low prices will not leave indifferent. Spray-paint and pencils restoration represented by multiple colors for every taste. The range of goods is presented Abro DecoBlik and Motip. Buy car paint or pencil at a low price as possible after registration of the order on our website. Purchase paints and other products for the vehicle carried out wholesale and retail. In addition, delivery is carried out by courier in Kiev. For Ukraine, orders are sent by courier services & nbsp.; Many consumables See the section "Automobile chemical goods". And also we have a large range of engine oils, batteries and filters.