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solvent is a transparent or yellowish color liquid having a specific smell. Each solvent has a multi-component composition of several active and latent solvents. The range of our online store you will find the following liquids: solvent 646, 647, 650, acrylic Avtotreid and Hi-Zer, and various rust solvents Liqui Moly .

The most common and are used for automotive paint solvents 646 and 647, which are used both in industry and in everyday life. In its composition have a number of volatile substances such as aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones. These diluted inks containing nitrocellulose group nitroshpatlevki and nitrovarnishes and degreased and washed painting tools, getting rid of the old paint, enamel wash. When used with the solvent inks and lacquers on the treated surface a film is formed rapidly which imparts a glossy appearance as the drying. 646 solvent advantages are low cost, ease of use, safety in contact with human skin. The solvent for the ink 647 consists of the same components, but in contrast to 646, more aggressive due to the content of ethylene glycol monoethyl ether and acetone. It is also used for removal of the LPC film formers and which are made on the basis of nitrocellulose. Most often it is used to work with the body, because it's great for the dilution of enamels, which are used in car painting.

Solvent Dyes 650 - homogeneous clear liquid without visible impurities and suspended particles. Film formed on the surface after drying, does not tarnish and does not turn white. It is used mainly for dilution to working viscosity of varnishes, primers and paints, as well as for special enamels, including nitrocellulose.

Rust have good penetration properties into the most inaccessible places in a short time, remove rust, prevent oxidation and corrosion. They do not react with plastic, metal, etc.

In our online shop you can buy the solvent at low prices. Under each item describes relevant characteristics. We find solvents, rust converters, acrylic solvents, acid cleaners, kerosene, Lighteners, white spirit, washing old paint and other materials at affordable prices. Their purchase is possible, both wholesale and retail. In addition, order a courier delivery in Kiev at home. Also, delivery is made by courier services in Ukraine. Most of the other consumables, oils, filters, batteries, etc. can be found in the section "Automobile chemical goods". Request a callback, and site managers as soon as possible contact you, tell you about interesting products, will help you choose.