Air fresheners

Air fresheners

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Air fresheners

If the car came an unpleasant odor, then the option - it is perfumed fragrances into the car that you can buy online online store "Auto pharmacy» Today in the market of air fresheners in the car different species.

Types of automotive air fresheners

Pahuchki in the car there are such types:

  • fragrances impregnated spirits such as "Christmas trees." This product is made of cardboard, which is impregnated with a sharp-smelling liquid. The advantages of this stink - it's compact size, ease of placement in the cabin, an affordable price. Among the shortcomings - it is a short period of operation. They have enough for 1 month, but many motorists prefer Christmas trees, because every month you can experiment with the smells inside the car;
  • liquid car perfume, flavor is set on the grill deflector. The air passing through the vessel with scented liquid fills the interior flavors. The service life longer than that of "Christmas trees", but is more difficult to place, and the cost of such pahuchek above;
  • gel fresheners in the car. Gel skunk are very comfortable - the liquid will not spill, but use it only necessary during the warm season, because with a decrease in temperature, the intensity of the flavor drops sharply;
  • solid perfume for the car - this is the most effective method of flavoring salon. The service life of this product more, and above all the effectiveness of pahuchek - does not affect the temperature fluctuations in air mode in the cabin and on the street .

    Advantages of cooperation with the "Auto pharmacy»

    Today flavors in the car can be purchased as an online and offline in the auto shop, but buying an air freshener in the car on site, the client receives the following advantages:

    • low cost on all items in the catalog. The low price of flavors - is the result of direct deliveries of goods from the manufacturer, without intermediaries;
    • high quality products and safety for humans. In pahuchkah used quality perfume, which does not cause allergies and drowsiness, so 100% safe for the motorist and passengers;
    • prompt delivery. After registration and delivery using courier service within 2-3 working days. When buying products over 1000 USD, guaranteed free shipping to Kiev on the day of booking.

      Order flavors in the car on site is simple - you need to move the selected item to the basket. Within a couple of minutes the company manager will, to clarify all the issues for the registration of the application.