Coolants - Antifreeze

Coolants - Antifreeze

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When the vehicle is hot its components. Monitors and regulates the heat exchange cooling system of a car. For two system circuits special fluid flows - antifreeze or antifreeze, are a mixture of distilled water and special substances which aim at improving the properties of the fluid. The main function of coolants is removing heat from the working surfaces of the engine cooling radiator.

previously used two types of fluids: distilled water and antifreeze. For modern systems of cars water is not used because of the low freezing point and expand the system. Accordingly, during cold weather in winter and so the liquid will not work. Therefore, modern producers seek how best to improve its products possible, using special additives. The basis of any cooling fluid - a mixture of water and a polyhydric alcohol. Alcohol expands when heated, which is one of the key characteristics of antifreezes. In addition to these substances it is composed of various kinds of additives. These can be mineral salts, glycerin, glycol, carbitol, and others. They provide protection from corrosion, scaling, foaming, formation of vapor condensate, rust, provide antioxidant properties. Also in the antifreeze include dyes that after a lifetime of changing its color. The most important additives are corrosion inhibitors. Used & nbsp; Two types of such additives: traditional and organic .

Depending on the input of the alcohol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol recovered fluids. The first are the cheapest, but they have one drawback - highly toxic if it enters the human body. Presented antifreeze tastes sweet and it may attract children, so it should be stored in an inaccessible location. Propylene glycol coolants have identical properties with ethylene glycol, but are less toxic, but expensive, so rarely found on the market.

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