Car polishes

Car polishes

Depending on the application, polish for cars is of four types:

  • polish body,

  • polish optics,

  • polish salon,

  • polish for tires.

    Every car owner, first of all, I think the main challenge is to ensure that polishes the aesthetic appearance of the various parts of the car. But this is the common opinion so erroneous, because the polish is used primarily for traffic safety and a long service life of vehicles, as well as to create comfortable conditions for passengers.

    polish body ensures long life of your iron horse, carrying out an important mission to protect the vehicle from the negative effects of sunlight, rain, frost and other factors. Depending on the composition of isolated wax, and synthetic abrasive. polishes are also produced in various states of aggregation: solid, creamy, liquid or aerosol. It also polish cars from scratch.

    polish salon neutralizes unpleasant odors, particularly cigarette smoke, acts as an antistatic agent and gives a well-groomed aesthetic appearance and comfort of the car. Produce various kinds of data assets, due to their purpose: for plastic, suede, wood, leather .

    Avtopolirol optics is an essential and necessary thing for every driver, as is used for windows, mirrors and headlights of the car, protecting the past and causes safety when driving. Polish headlamp is used to remove small scratches, scuffs, cloud, to give the headlights clean and shine. Data polishes sold as a paste or emulsion.

    polish tire (or gloss for tires) is used for cleaning and to prevent burnout and discoloration, longer life, softening rubber. Tire polish processing creates a film on their surfaces, through which creates a barrier to the penetration of dirt, moisture, et al., as well as fine cracks are closed. It is worth to buy a car polish because it will make your rubber coating to shine again.

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