Engine additives

Engine additives

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The majority of car owners carefully monitor the work of their iron horses, so what is the & nbsp; additives in engine know firsthand. These products help to increase the resources of the operating engine, as well as delay the overhaul. Additives for the engine is primarily directed to reduction of fuel consumption and the oil in the system, but they also help to protect the friction surfaces operating parts. Depending on their functions distinguish additives that: improve the properties of the engine oil; provide comprehensive protection; restore detail. Recently, the market received products with the mark of "nano", which not only protect, but also are able to restore the damaged parts, rubber parts and so on. This is due to the fact that the composition of the additives include metals (nickel, cobalt, platinum, etc.) That create nanoceramic protective layer when released into the motor.

Additives for engine secrete anti-friction and anti-wear. The first improves the lubricating properties of interacting with the base oil. The composition of such substances are molybdenum and fatty acids, which provide the main functions: prevent heat of the engine, fuel economy and minimize component wear. Antiwear additives with antifriction similar, but comprise additional surfactants, which protect the metal and create a special layer on the surface contacting elements.

Please note that before the use of additives in the engine, make sure the condition of your car's engine. On too rundown motor barely visible or completely invisible changes in the work. For such cases, you must first carry out mechanical cleaning and then fill additives to prevent.

Additive engine is used to clean all the walls and tubes of various slags. It is very important to use additives for cars, operating under heavy loads. In the catalog of our online store you will find additives for engines following brands:. Pingo, XADO, Zollex, Runway, Liqui Moly, YUKO, Alaska, XCEL, Bizol, Wolver, vamp, SMT2, Abro, Hi-Gear, etc. In addition to the additives engine in our shop there are additives for gearbox, engine, power steering, fuel system, as well as most other car chemicals. Buy additive to the engine on our website is accessible to everyone at the lowest prices. Site managers are working seven days a week. They will help you pick up the necessary accessories, based on the vehicle model year. Deliver goods takes place, both in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. In our online store you can buy automotive chemicals wholesale and retail.