Car shampoos

Car shampoos

Active foam FRESCURA BLIZ 10l

Active foam FRESCURA BLIZ 10l

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For motorists who are accustomed to wash their vehicles on their own, in online store catalog contains a wide range of shampoos for cars that are neutral for paint.

Types of car shampoo

Also autoshampoos for manual and non-contact cleaning agents commonly used with wax, which have a special composition and concentration:

- hand washing. Car treatment of domestic and foreign manufacturers differ in their composition, consistency, value and volume of packaging. A distinctive feature of these funds - a delicate effect on the paint surface without damaging the surface. It is not necessary to wash the car shampoo with aggressive composition (this tool is suitable for cleaning the radiator grille and engine). It should allocate such criteria when buying, as the presence of alkaline components in the composition, which effectively washed out dirt, oil and tar spots. In automotive shampoos for washing by hand, the presence of alkali components does not exceed 30%. With this part of the skin on the hands is not suffering, and there is no cloud glossy varnish on the body;

- shampoo to clean the machine with wax. The composition of these detergents include wax which creates on paint film body, effectively protecting the surface from ultraviolet radiation (paint does not burn and does not fade), the reactants in the winter, from minor impurities and rain. Wax containing autoshampoos have little foam, so their consumption is higher than the means for self-cleaning vehicle. Automotive vehicle, washed with detergent wax does not require additional deposition polishing.

The benefits of buying car care products in the company "Auto pharmacy»

For many car owners the choice of a quality shampoo for washing a car - it's not an easy task because many online stores offer cheap means of dubious quality so to buy the original car shampoo from the manufacturer, you need to take advantage of offers of online store avtoapteka The main advantages of cooperation with the company "Auto pharmacy»:

  • a wide range of high quality car care products with a warranty from the manufacturer;
  • best price. All the products presented on this site comes to the store directly from manufacturers, bypassing intermediary structures, which had a positive impact on pricing;
  • prompt delivery of goods purchased.

    If you order the car owner can not determine the choice, then the manager will choose the detergent depending on the price category and the requirements of the client.

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