Start chargers

Start chargers

In winter, the car's engine often refuses to start. This is due to faster discharging the battery in the cold, which leads to development of insufficient quantity of current. The starter is not enough to run it. In these cases comes to the rescue start-charger that combines both starter and battery function. unexpected battery discharge is possible in the case of frequent use batteries to charge your phone for listening to music and so on.

The second equally important function of the ROM - to restore the capacity of car batteries and to revive some of the old battery. And, of course, it is important that such a device can also be used simply to charge the battery. It is more durable and practical when compared to conventional automotive battery charger. Periodic recharging (with the right of its holding) improves the condition of the battery and prolong its life & nbsp;.

What to look for when choosing a

To charge-starting device worked properly, and are most useful battery, it is important to correctly pick it up. When you select must take into account:

  • battery capacity;
  • board network voltage (usually 12 V or 24 V);
  • start value of current vehicle.

    12 V is characteristic of middle-sized cars: passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks. In large vehicles, including special vehicles, the voltage is 24 V. Often modern models LSS has the ability to switch the indicator, that is, they work with both options. The magnitude of the current run can be found in the specifications of your car or on the batteries & nbsp;.

    Features and variants ROM

    If you choose to take into account the properties necessary as a battery, and most LSD. Be sure to select the right:

    • value of the charging current;
    • charging regime types: direct current or DC voltage, combined type;
    • Automated or manual option & nbsp;.

      The amount of current depends on the power of the device. From this figure it depends on what the battery capacity which it can work. Amperage should not be below 10% of the battery capacity. type of charge is better to choose combo: it allows you to spend charging efficiently and safely. Regarding automation - this is the simplest option. The system will check whether everything is properly connected, will turn off when the battery is charged with & nbsp;.

      If you choose to be preferred devices:

      • with a short-circuit protection;
      • preventing possible battery polarity;
      • the possibility of reversing the charge;
      • automatic adjustment of current supplied through the device.

        All of these options are available on our website. You can buy the most suitable for you, taking into account the features of your car and its battery. There is stand-alone options, allowing to carry balancing charger with you. Their charge will be enough to cope with the starting current and start the car & nbsp;.

        There are more functional, but also more massive ROM. They are suitable for a full charge the battery, it is restored. For such purposes, it is best to use a professional or combined options (includes consumer and professional versions of functions) & nbsp;. & Nbsp;

        Portable ROM

        Portable versions are called boosters. They are the most simple and convenient for ordinary users. The device is characterized by increased resistance to frosts, the possibility of a more long-term storage charge. There is no function of self-discharge, no binding to the network - can be used away from civilization or just on the go. The device is compact and versatile, allows also to charge various electronic handheld device, such as a telephone. An important accessory for drivers.

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