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Tires and wheels - it is a familiar part of any vehicle. Everyone knows that the tires need to be changed from time to time, and the wheels are affected by the charms of our roads. RV is not worth saving, because they provide the resistance of the machine on the road, and its high-quality grip.

The correct choice of tires

Our online store offers a range of tires, so the range can be confusing. To buy exactly what you need to adhere to these rules:

  • represents the factory recommendations.
  • The diameter of the tire.
  • Seasonality.
  • The tread pattern.
  • Construction.

    The factory recommendation

    Each car manufacturer recommends a specific type of tire diameter and specific characteristics. This is stated in the tire-size table in the service book. Replicated this information on the rating plate attached to the B-pillar on the driver's or passenger's side & nbsp;.

    Bore diameter turns me on is not recommended, but under certain conditions it can be done. It is important to take into account the change in performance - acceleration dynamics, economy, indicators of the speedometer, braking distance .

    Seasonal & nbsp;

    Season - another important indicator. Optimally have 1 set - summer and winter. Rubber compound they are optimally suited for the operating conditions. Winter, even at low temperatures remain relatively mild, and the summer, even with 30 or more do not melt and does not stick to the pavement. There are also universal, but they are for the summer or for the winter will not be completely reliable & nbsp;.

    There is division in the winter:

    • Studded. Provide the most reliable grip even on packed snow, ice.
    • Studless. Good for the off-season, and the urban environment, they quietly studded.
    • Under the spike. They provide a place for the spike and the owner decides to put them or not.

      Tread & nbsp; and design

      The tread pattern - symmetrical and asymmetrical. The first type is divided into directional and non-directional. The choice is to do based on the conditions of operation of the vehicle.

      By design, divided into:

      • Diagonal. Have high permeability through the mud, solid. Mileage 20-40 thousand. Km. Suitable for trucks and SUVs.
      • Radial. Give a better grip, the car will be managed, sustainable. Plus radial tires in car fuel consumption is reduced. Resource 60-80 thousand. Km. Different sensitivity to cuts and strikes.
      • RunFlat technology. Special technology enables some time after injury to pass, even if there is no pressure inside. This is achieved by the special design of the beads and the tire carcass & nbsp;.


        disc selection - another important point when the wheel assembly. Key Features:

        • Disc type. Pressed or cast, forged. The first available, the second high-quality, third most expensive, but also durable.
        • Diameter - is the circumference of the disc in inches .
        • The number, size and position of mounting holes, so-called razboltovka.
        • rim width. As measured in inches, and is denoted by the letter J.
        • Departure - the distance from the mating fasteners to the hub .
        • The diameter of the bore in the hub.
        • Form fasteners - depends on what bolts and nuts need to use .
        • The presence of Hampi. That is, the protrusions on the outer surface, by which tubeless tires is fixed to the disk.

          Our site offers high quality wheels and tires of different sizes. If it is difficult to make a choice - our consultants are always available in an online chat or by phone. Delivery in Ukraine transport companies, Pickup from Kiev is possible.