Automatic transmission filters

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Automatic transmission filters

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Automatic Filter (for automatic transmission) Clean the hydraulics of various mechanical impurities resulting from its operation. Their presence in the hydraulic fluid promotes early wear and aging transmission. Cleaners of this type are of the following types:

  • built;
  • Open;
  • closed & nbsp;.

    There is also a new generation of cleaners with felt. They allow you to achieve better cleaning. On our site you can buy automatic filter type you need based on the model and type of car at an affordable price. We offer a wide range and high quality & nbsp;.

    When is replacement?

    Check status of existing purification system can in some respects. For example, replacement is required in the case when, during the drive transmission works with delays, the gear shift takes place with jerks or jolts. There may be slipping. If when switching modes is not typical push and the car does not go forward or back - this should also be alerted. In general, it is recommended to change the filter elements, together with the replacement of oil in the box. Him in too can choose and buy "Avtoapteka" in our store.