motor oil necessary to preserve sites and improve the performance of your vehicle. It takes care of rubbing parts, contributes to their cooling and reduced wear. On our site you will find a wide range of lubricating fluid at an attractive price.

Buy we can process oil:

  • to car engines;
  • for motor vehicles;
  • gear;
  • flushing;
  • industrial industrial.

    Pick your desired option depending on the goals. Motor oil lubricant designed to protect the engine. They create fat dense film on the surfaces of the friction elements and protect them. Flushing used between the change of motor oil for motor purification from various deposits. This makes it possible to improve the engine condition, reduce the risk of situations that require repair & nbsp;.

    Industrial oils options necessary for normal operation of the pumps, machine tools, textile and other industrial machines. They are also used in hydraulic machinery -. Tow trucks, tractors, scrapers, etc. as their base is used refined oil. Also, there are different viscosities. For each specific technology lubricant must be chosen individually & nbsp;.