Automotive engine oil Alpine LL 10W-40 1l

  • Automotive engine oil Alpine LL 10W-40 1l
  • Brand: Alpine
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Automotive engine oil Alpine LL 10W-40 1l 1 5

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Alpine 10W-40 LL German engine oil based on mineral oil with high latest additives. It certainly is the most interesting option in terms of price / quality. Due to the complex oil additive has a huge baggage of advantages: Oil washes away old dirt and prepyatsviya settling new plaque reliably lubricates all parts of the engine, prevents excessive friction, at low temperatures it makes the car easier to avtomasla startonut. Buy German Alpine oil can leave a request on the site. We are the direct supplier of the engine oil, because we have the most reasonable prices in Ukraine. Approvals and specifications: ACEA A3 / B3 / B4 / E2 API SJ / CF-4 MB 229.1 VW-505 standard 00
Viscosity 10w40
Type Of Oil semisynthetic
The Volume Of Container 1
Tolerance MB 229.1, VW 505.00
Specification ACEA A3 / B4, ACEA E2, API SJ, API CF-4
Филипп 2021-06-12

Хорошее масло, не жалко заливать в машину, особенно если эта машина новая. Хорошим показателем станет его цвет, когда буду менять, можно будет оценить насколько оно хорошо очищало двигатель.

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