Automotive engine oil MANNOL Diesel 15w-40 1l

  • Automotive engine oil MANNOL Diesel 15w-40 1l
  • Brand: Mannol
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Automotive engine oil MANNOL Diesel 15w-40 1l 0 0
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Mannol Diesel15w40 CF-4- multigrade mineral motor oil developed for modern high turbo injection engines. In the process of manufacturing of motor uses the best raw materials and additives of different manufacturers. All oils Mannol laboratory tested: tested different settings and the information is stored in a single database. These oils have clear advantages: provide excellent lubrication motor, effectively protect the engine against corrosion protects the cylinders, the combustion chamber and protect the spark plug from fouling. Due to quality additive package is minimized soot and carbon formation. Buy avtomasla Mannol Diesel 15w40mozhno at the best prices in our online store, as we are an authorized point of sale Mannol engine oil and have all the certificates of quality and conformity certificates. We buy products uedinstvennogo authorized dealer. Specifications and tolerances: SAE 15W-40, APICG-4 / CF-4 / CF / SL, ACEA E2 / B3 / A2, MB 228.3 / 229.1, VW 505.00 / 501.01, VolvoVDS-2, MAN 3275

Viscosity 15w40
Type Of Oil Mineral
The Volume Of Container 1
Tolerance MAN 3275, MB 228.3, MB 229.1, MTU, Volvo VDS, VW 505.00, VW 501.01
Specification ACEA E2, ACEA B3, A2 ACEA, API CG-4, API CF, API CF-4, API SL

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