Automotive engine oils

Automotive engine oils

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Automotive engine oils

engine oils called oils, which are used for lubrication of internal combustion piston engines. Produced for diesel and gasoline engines as well as universal, which are suitable for both petrol and diesel cars. The basis of the engine oil is the base oil and additive package. Engine oil viscosity is different. The viscosity should be selected depending on the operating conditions of the car, mileage and general condition of the engine.

Motor Oils are divided into several types:

- mineral. Produced by the method of distillation and oil refining. Oil is refined and distilled, add more complex additives. There are paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic. Most often used in cars paraffin motor oils, they have excellent characteristics of viscosity and resistant to temperature regimes. Mineral oils used for cars that work in harsh conditions, in domestic cars.

- synthetic. Produced a synthesis of chemical products. They have such advantages - flowability, which reduces friction parts; pumping the low temperature; High temperature evaporation, chemical stability of the composition. Synthetic motor products are more expensive than the mineral.

- semisynthetic. Produced by mixing synthetic and mineral oils. Apply in temperate climates for cars with small loads.

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