Flushing oils

Flushing oils

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Flushing oil is used between the change of the engine oil for engine cleaning, namely all the pipes and oil channels from deposits. & Nbsp; This procedure should be carried out for the effective operation of the oil system and extend engine life, because if you just make the engine clean it less often will need to be repaired. This is especially true of vehicles that operate long term. If you have a brand new car and you use a quality engine oil with special cleaning additives at the first oil change is possible to do without washing the engine. Tremendous impact on the engine has fuel. If the fuel quality, engine problems will be less. With regard to used cars, for which the engine flushing, as well as the replacement of oil and fuel filters, the replacement of automotive engine oil is a must. When purchasing a used / the car an oil change is a necessary procedure. Also, the engine flushing is necessary in the event of a change of the type avtomasla (when changing from mineral to semi-synthetic or sinteteticheskoe) or if you decide to switch to oil from another company.

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Buy flushing oil in Avtoapteke you can wholesale or retail, at very attractive prices & nbsp.; Experienced managers will help you choose the right product for your needs, advise on technical features and applications. Always prompt for additional consumables to your order (to provide information on air filters, fuel, headlight and other auto-chemistry). We presented ZIC brands, YUKO, Rossintez, Yarneft, TNK (Rosneft), and also has an assortment of engine cleaners that need to be added to the oil prior to discharge. Such engine cleaners can be found in the & nbsp; «chemical goods» & nbsp;.

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