Warranties and returns

Purchase returns

We adhere to Article 9 of the Consumer Protection Law, which states that non-food items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days if:

marketable form;

unopened canisters (for oils);

if consumer properties are preserved: seals, labels;

with a warranty card (for batteries) and an invoice.

Electrical appliances (only if they do not work) and auto chemical goods are not subject to exchange and return.

Warranty and warranty cases

The entire product range of rechargeable batteries in our online store is covered by a guarantee from 1 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer.

In the event that, during the established warranty period, significant shortcomings are revealed that have arisen through the fault of the manufacturer of the goods (seller, contractor), or the falsification of the goods, confirmed, if necessary, by the conclusion of an examination, the consumer, in the manner and within the time limits established by law and on the basis of rules binding on the parties or contract, has the right, at its option, to demand from the seller or manufacturer:

refund of the purchase amount;

replacement of the goods with the same or similar, from among those available from the seller.

A responsibility

All our products have quality certificates, which we can provide at the request of customers. We are authorized dealers of such well-known brands as Bosch, Varta, Motul, Castrol, Yuko, etc.

The online store is not responsible for the wrong selection of oil for your car. In the case of delivery by courier services, the shipment of the goods is paid by the buyer.