• Industrial hydraulic oil Rosneft (TNCs) MGE-46V 200l

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Oil hydraulic TNK / Rosneft MGE 46V mineral, manufactured for use at different times of the year, when temperatere from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C. Masloizgotovleno supplemented with various additives, which gives it a major premuschestvo over competitors: vyazkosnye characteristics anticorrosive Features, anti-foaming properties, anti-oxidation Features, depressor Features. Used this oil in the hydraulic control system and hydraulic actuators, road-building, construction, forestry machinery, industrial equipment, lifting equipment. The oil reduces the penetration of oxygen bubbles in the working part of the system, to guarantee high performance in steel-steel friction. Approval of oil hydrostatic transmissions MGE-46V corresponds approximately to the viscosity class ISO VG 46. Designation of GOST 17479.3-85: MG-46B .

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  • Масла
    Viscosity HLP 46
    Type Of Oil Mineral
    The Volume Of Container 200l
    Tolerance ISO 46, ISO HM
    Specification Bigger-46V

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    Industrial hydraulic oil Rosneft (TNCs) MGE-46V 200l

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