• Automotive Engine Oil Total Quartz 7000 Diesel 10W-40 1l

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TOTAL 10W-40 7000 Diesel QUARTZ synthetic motor oil additives made with the latest diesel engines of cars and vans. Avtomasla low viscosity because it keeps fluidity at low temperatures in winter also lubricates the parts effectively as in the summer. There are very effective additives in oil: cleaning, dispersants, antioxidant. High viscosity ensures lubrication of friction pairs and maintains full engine power. This product is sufficiently eco-friendly, it is reduced selection combustion products. Beautiful composition of the oil ensures the purity of the most sensitive parts motora.Po moderate affordable price right from the comfort of home you can get this oil ordered it in the online store. For your convenience, we are engaged in delivery to Kiev and sending to other cities throughout Ukraine. tolerances: API SL / CF, PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN DIESEL B712294, ACEA 2007 A3 / B4, VOLKSWAGEN 505.00 (11/92), MB 229.1
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    Viscosity 10w40
    Type Of Oil semisynthetic
    The Volume Of Container 1l
    Tolerance Peugeot B71 2294,Peugeot B71 2300,Citroen B71 2294,Citroen B71 2300,VW 501.01,VW 505.00, MB 229.1
    Specification ACEA A3 / B4, API SL, API CF

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    Automotive Engine Oil Total Quartz 7000 Diesel 10W-40 1l

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