• Industrial gear oil CLP TNK 200l

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Oil TNK CLP gear is designed for use at different temperatures, excellent cold temperatures. But also it is good itself has recommended using a hot summer, so it acts as a coolant. Due to the gear oil reduces wear of gear components. Use gear oil in the modern domestic and industrial equipment, at high loads. This oil can replace import lubricants. The oil additives added, because it acquires new and very advantageous features. The oil improves the protection against corrosion and excessive wear of vehicle components. oil Antiokislitelnoesvoystvo provide an adequate supply of positive characteristics when using the oil.
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  • Масла
    Viscosity CLP 220
    Type Of Oil Mineral
    The Volume Of Container 200l
    Tolerance ISO VG 220
    Specification CLP 220, DIN 51517/3

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    Industrial gear oil CLP TNK 200l

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