• Automobile battery BERGA Power Block 6ST-100Ah AZE 830A (EN) 600 402 083

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BERGA Power Block 100A-6ST AZE (600,402,083) - car battery AKB endowed with excellent performance characteristics, which correspond to the German high quality. Battery BERGA performed on the latest developments, all models improved and endowed with excellent qualities that make a vibration-resistant and maintenance-free battery. The electrical resistance is reduced by the added into the silver. During start-up occurs instant and tight contact of the active mass with a usable area. The electrolyte does not flow due to hold its own weight plates on the walls and the unique design of the cover, executed on a labyrinth system. In addition, the explosion-proof cover. All components interact well with each other, so the failure in the battery is not observed. Sealed enclosure, which makes the device unattended. The capacity of the battery is sufficient to power more than energy consumers, which include the engine, and additional vehicle systems, such as windows, lights, air conditioning, acoustics and so on. The housing is equipped with a vent, accelerating output exhaust gas from the ventilation system. Inside the housing is located under the lid separator, which reduces the self-discharge of the battery, preventing short circuit between the anode and the cathode. Install in the engine compartment is easy and simple, do not touch with the neighboring elements. Suitable for European and Asian cars. Features and advantages akkumulyatoraBERGA Power Block 100A-6ST AZE maintenance-free life Lead-calcium sure start Resource 5+ years low self-discharge gas extraction system and built-in flame arresters
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    Capacity 100
    Starting Current 830
    Polarity Euro (plus the right)
    Body Type European
    Din-Type L5 (of 100)
    Dimensions 353x175x190
    Voltage 12
    Давид 2021-01-18

    На свой старенький , еще 1985 года выпуска , 6-литровый дизельный Мерседес -814Д купил два аккумулятора BERGA 100Ah Ев Power Block , заводится мотор при его плохой компрессии очень даже неплохо.

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    Automobile battery BERGA Power Block 6ST-100Ah AZE 830A (EN) 600 402 083

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