• Car battery 6ST Lion-77Ah AZE 720A (EN) R074624KN

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Lion 77AH EB (- / +) 720EN new modern European battery. It was manufactured in Poland. This car battery graduate from one plant with more izvestnymiJenox and 4Max. Improvement and implementation of the Ca / Ca technology labored 160 best employees of the plant. Excellent inrush current battery provides an easy cold start on winter mornings and flawless start the engine after a long period of inactivity. Maintenance-free battery. Without looking for it under the hood without adding even distilled water, it will last you 5-7 let.Tsena for these products is not high, as long as there are no big names in these batteries. But believe me, when you will successfully exploit this battery is already the 5th year and will hear from their friends the prices at which they buy it, you will realize that made the right choice. Buy battery Lion 77AH EB (- / +) 720EN simple: leave a request for a return call, and the rest is care of our skilled managers .

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    Capacity 77
    Starting Current 720
    Polarity Euro (plus the right)
    Body Type European
    Din-Type LB3 (75H Din)
    Dimensions 278x175x175
    Voltage 12
    Чалый Вадим 2021-01-18

    Для нафаршированной электроникой, кондиционером и всеми зимними подогревами (зимний пакет) дизельной Шкоды Октавии я уже второй раз покупаю аккумулятор Lion 77АH Ев (-/ ) 720EN. Предыдущий без проблем добросовестно отработал пять лет и я с удовольствием опять купил в АвтоАптеке такой же.

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    Car battery 6ST Lion-77Ah AZE 720A (EN) R074624KN

    • Brand: Lion
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