• Car battery OPTIMA RedTop AGM RTR-3.7 6CT Azay-44Ah ASIA 730A (EN) 835 255 000

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OPTIMA RedTop 6ST-44A RTR-3.7 (8035-255) AZE -Automotive battery Mexican company for a long time produces decent quality and reliability of examples embodied in a series of OPTIMA batteries. On the manufacturing field of advanced technologies are applied, by means of which the battery equipped with good power and durability. Thus, the technology used AGM with a spiral configuration blocks produces powerful currents, since helical elements have a greater surface contact area. That is why OPTIMA owners choose not only ordinary sedans, but the most resourceful and sports cars, as well as burly SUVs and some trucks weighing 5 tons or more. In this case, the battery is excellent for almost all brands of cars of European representatives. Battery OPTIMA RedTop 6ST-44A RTR going to Mexico with his usual thoroughness Mexicans. Thus, each component in the structure of the battery performs its function smoothly, automobile consumers of energy supply process is efficiently and continuously. Perfect performance makes the battery maintenance-free, with a constant level of electrolyte absorbed in glass fiber and no self-discharge. Installation in the engine compartment is comfortable, without grazing adjacent elements of the front design of the car. It should be noted that the device can be placed in the vehicle in any position, even upside down. The manufacturer is strongly recommended to use a special charging device suitable for this series batteries. Discharge cycle for this model: 100% - 300 times 50% - 700 times 30% - 1000 and above Features and advantages of the battery OPTIMA RedTop 6ST-44A RTR-3.7 (8035-255) AZE unattended Lead-acid sure start Resource 7 years low self-discharge ventilated block Installation in any position Intended use: Auto Sound, boats and yachts, motor racing.
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    Capacity 44
    Starting Current 730
    Polarity Euro (plus the right)
    Body Type Asiatic
    Din-Type D23 (60 JIS)
    Dimensions 237x171x197
    Voltage 12

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    Car battery OPTIMA RedTop AGM RTR-3.7 6CT Azay-44Ah ASIA 730A (EN) 835 255 000

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