• Automobile battery OPTIMA YellowTop AGM YTU-4.2L-55Ah 6ST Az ASIA 756A (EN) 814 254 000

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OPTIMA YellowTop YTU-4.2L 55Ah modern battery that which is based on SPIRACELL technology. This battery has two main features: it is instead filled with gel electrolyte and has a twisted plate. Thanks to the gel battery is completely safe, as the gel is in contrast to the electrolyte does not leak. The second feature of this battery are twisted plates, thereby increasing the starting current. Battery satisfies cars with gasoline and a powerful diesel engine. In the early stages, this engine starting battery allocates twice inrush current than conventional flat plate. When the first seconds after starting the engine, it provides cars at times high inrush current than its analogues of other brands. Optima batteries have a low internal resistance, which provides high cold cranking current parameters under adverse climatic conditions. It operates well at temperatures of -40 & deg; C +40 & deg; C. OPTIMA YellowTop YTU-4.2L 55Ah specifically designed with the ability to use the technique with seasonal application, since it is able to operate effectively even after 12 months of inactivity. Another obvious advantage of car battery is excellent vibration, which is increased by 15 times compared with lead-acid batteries. Battery can be put on any vehicle, as well as the heavy equipment operating in adverse conditions. Buy batteries in our online store, you can leave an order on the site.
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    Capacity 55
    Starting Current 765
    Polarity direct (plus left)
    Body Type Asiatic
    Din-Type D26 (70 JIS)
    Dimensions 254x175x200
    Voltage 12
    Грищенко Эд. 2021-01-25

    Спасибо, очень сильно переживал за пересылку этой батареи по почте. Делал заказ с доставкой по Украине. Ребята хорошо закрепили этот аккумулятор к деревянной паллете и упаковали по бокам корпуса. Просто был уже такой горький опыт, правда аккумулятор был явно по дешевле в цене чем Optima, но все равно было очень не приятно получить перевёрнутый и соответственно не рабочий аккумулятор. Молодцы! По батареи вопросов никаких, цена сама за себя говорит.

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    Automobile battery OPTIMA YellowTop AGM YTU-4.2L-55Ah 6ST Az ASIA 756A (EN) 814 254 000

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