• Automobile battery Panasonic MF STANDARD 6ST-65Ah AZE ASIA 533A (EN) N-75D23L-FS

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Battery Panasonic MF STANDARD 65A EB ASIA without bottom. bead N-75D23L-FSnoveyshee invention, which has a good price-performance ratio. This battery is completely maintenance-free. It is very convenient in everyday life, when the time for all can not get enough. Panasonic batteries have a strong cast grid due ispolzovaniyasvintsa, air, and calcium. With these elements no shrinkage occurs plate. Due to the lead plates are strong, but because the calcium they almost nepodvlasny corrosion. Also, due to silver increases resistance to heat and reduced gas formation. Panasonic batteries are very safe, as they are specially designed stoppers that prevent vzyry from external sparks, which can penetrate the battery, through the open tube. Due to special lead glue that has a high density improves the quality of the plates, and along with this resistance and deep discharge. Also, the battery can withstand high temperatures. New batteries panasonikizgotavlivayut products that MF has a CV and commodity point. Buy Panasonic car battery can be in our online store at the most pleasant prices.
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    Capacity 65
    Starting Current 533
    Polarity Euro (plus the right)
    Body Type Asiatic
    Dimensions 232x173x225
    Voltage 12

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    Automobile battery Panasonic MF STANDARD 6ST-65Ah AZE ASIA 533A (EN) N-75D23L-FS

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