• Crocodile super (to-t)

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Crocodile super (to-t) - is kopmlekt spring-loaded terminals for connection of the electrical wires. The people called crocodile clip because the working end of the clip, which is captured by the battery terminal, or other wire with electrical or diagnostic work, very much like a small crocodile's mouth, only with steel teeth. These clamps are applied on the wires for connecting instrumentation (voltmeters, ammeters, etc.) also for the power supply with battery backup such as a trailer or semi-trailer vehicle standing without akkumulyatora- when determining circuits malfunctions. Similar but more powerful terminals respectively connect the wires Pre-chargers for rechargeable batteries of cars and trucks.

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    Crocodile super (to-t)

    • Brand: Клемы
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    Crocodile super (to-t)

    Crocodile super (to-t)