• Automobile battery YUASA SILVER Japan 6ST-48Ah AZE ASIA 430A (EN) YBX5053

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Batteries YUASA SILVER Japan 48A-6ST (YBX5053) AZE Maintenance-free battery with doped with silver plates and grids. The electrolyte is well kept on the wall, it provides reliable capacity, expressed in the uninterruptible power supply. The housing is equipped with a double lid, flame arresters and gas outlet. By adding lead to silver is reduced at times the internal resistance. Battery tightness due correct construct elaborate internal structure. It is said that because of good ventilation and the gas outlet, is reduced to a minimum the risk of release of gases that can cause an explosion. Since maintenance-free battery, and the electrolyte is required to refill, the possibility of leakage of the active substance is also eliminated. Self-discharge is not observed in the process of exploitation and loss of energy at the same time. Regular maintenance will promote durability and start-confident in any weather. He is rubbing the surface with an alkaline solution. Manufacturers recommend that batteries placed in the winter Insulating device for the characteristics of stability at such a time. So you will not allow a deep discharge. Resource battery designed for 50,000 starts. Features and advantages akkumulyatoraYUASA SILVER Japan 48A-6ST (YBX5053) AZE unattended Lead-acid sure start Resource 5 years low self-discharge gas extraction system
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    Capacity 48
    Starting Current 430
    Polarity Euro (plus the right)
    Body Type Asiatic
    Dimensions 238x129x223
    Voltage 12

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    Automobile battery YUASA SILVER Japan 6ST-48Ah AZE ASIA 430A (EN) YBX5053

    • Brand: YUASA
    • Product Code: 28251
    • Availability: Archival
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