• Motor oil STATOIL SUPERWAY TDI 10w40 4L

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Statoil is one of the major oil companies in Northern Europe and the largest companies in Norway. This company belongs to the same series of nefteperabatyvayuschih capacities, which are in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and France. STATOIL SUPERWAY TDI 10w40 semi-synthetic motor oil, manufactured for diesel and gasoline engines of cars and trucks. Avtomasla helps realize an excellent start at the coldest time of the year, and also contributes to fuel economy by reducing waste costs. This product is sufficiently stable to ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures. This oil soot emissions significantly reduced, which makes it possible to use this product in the latest generation cars with particulate filters. The additive package protects the plunger of a deposit does not allow deposits to form, increases motoraa resource as much as possible saves toplivo.Mnogochislennye reviews motorists that exploiting Statoil SuperWay10W40, indicate an increase in thrust and noise on the first 2 thousand. mileage. Excellent work engine evident when run 5-6 thousand. km., and if the fuel is of good quality, it is possible to roll to 10 thousand. km. without replacement, and it will not harm the motor. Buy this avtomasla engine can be in our online store at the most pleasant prices. It perfectly meets all the standards of modern automakers and its price matches the quality of the evopeyskogo oil. We are located in Kiev, in the other cities we perform dispatch. tolerances: ACEA B4 / B3 / A2 / E2, API CF / SJ, VW 505.00 / 500.00, MB 229.1 / 228.1.
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    Motor oil STATOIL SUPERWAY TDI 10w40 4L

    • Brand: Statoil
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