• Lamp glass FENIX -25 PE Lemon yellow 5l

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Washer window winter FENIX -25 etovysokokachestvennaya liquid in a tank car on the basis of the reflux component rectification denaturovannogo. It comprises ethylene glycol, dye, Bitrex, perfume, PAV.Ne comprises methanol, acetone and sulfuric acid. Excellent removes dirt and insect residues. It has a nice zapah.Omyvatel provides smooth glide wiper without leaving streaks and marks on the surface. Neutral to paints, coatings, rubber and plastic car parts. Washer not agresiven to rezinometalicheskim products and car lacquer. The product is made in Ukraine. It is applicable for passenger and cargo vehicles for washing the windshield, and a vehicle headlamp (headlamp washer when installed). Buy winter washer FENIX -25 can be in our online store seven days a week.
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  • Washers
    Option Ready
    The Volume Of The Container, L 5
    Smell Lemon
    Freezing Point, ° C -25

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    Lamp glass FENIX -25 PE Lemon yellow 5l

    • Brand: FENIX
    • Product Code: 25469
    • Availability: Archival
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