• Epoxy adhesive DoneDeal "Harder does not happen," 4-minute steel DD6540 2 * 21,3g

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4-minute epoxy adhesive "Harder does not happen" (clear) for repair parts made of transparent and translucent materials. Requires no additional fixation for the best setting can therefore be used to repair products of various configurations, including slozhnoy.Nezamenimoe and effective means when repairing vehicles and water-motor vehicles, emergency repairs in the country and in the apartment, and for repairing sports fishing inventory. Specifications Composition - Component1: epoxy resin Komponent2: polimerkaptanovy hardener triphenol. Color - transparent. Temperature resistance - from -65 & deg; C to +145 & deg; FROM. Bond strength - 296 kg / cm2. Setting time - 4 min. Curing time - 15 minutes. Full Cure - 1 hr. application Clean the bonding surfaces from dirt, grease, rust, paint, etc. (Recommended sanding with sandpaper and degreased). Open the lid and to pierce the protective membrane on each tube. Squeeze an equal number of components 1 and 2 on any clean surface. Mix until a uniform color of the working mass. Apply the prepared mixture on both the bonding surfaces. Combine and compress the repaired surface to grasp. Remove excess composition before its solidification! It is possible to use a solvent (acetone) - with the proviso that it does not damage the adherend materials. Time after mixing before the final fixing must not exceed 4 minutes (at +20 & deg; C). The assembly of parts can be 15-20 minutes (depending on the temperature: at low temperature polymerization time increases, at elevated - decreases). The repaired parts may be fully loaded after 1 hr.
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    Epoxy adhesive DoneDeal "Harder does not happen," 4-minute steel DD6540 2 * 21,3g

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