• injector cleaner Liqui Moly Injection-Reiniger 1993 300ml

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injector cleaner Liqui Moly INJECTION REINIGER (1993) for the purification of gasoline additive injection systems. Clears the fuel injector of sludge and deposits on system dispensers, injectors, intake valves, distribution fuel lines, thereby providing: no problems when the engine is started and runs due to insufficient fuel supply. It provides a smooth ride, good engine response, more complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture and reduce the emission of harmful substances, protection against corrosion of the fuel system. It provides precise fuel dosage and uniform spray: the engine regains its former power. Compatible with catalytic converters. Mitsubishi approved for gasoline engines. Usage: to eliminate problems related to difficulties in starting, lack smoothness, poor injectivity of the engine, a high content of CO and HC in the exhaust, insufficient fuel supply. Anticorrosive properties of the additive retains for run 2,000 km. Add 300 ml additive for a maximum of 70 liters of gasoline. When adding the additive into the tank, the amount of fuel should be at least 3/4 of the total!
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  • Олексiй 2021-01-20

    Очисник інжектора Liqui Moly INJECTION REINIGER (1993) ,0л (1993) прекрасно почистив мені паливну бензино-інжекторну систему мого автомобіля Дачія Логан 1,4. Одного флакона цього німецького засобу мені хватило для заливання на два повних баків бензину.

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    injector cleaner Liqui Moly Injection-Reiniger 1993 300ml

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