• Mastic asphalt Avtotreid 3L

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Bituminous AUTOBIT Avtotreid anticorrosive, universal. Packing: 1l, 2l, 3l, 5l intended. Bituminous Avtotreid designed for anti-corrosion coating of metal parts including parts of car bodies, as well as for waterproofing works. Structure. The mixture of bitumen solution in organic solvents, anti-corrosion additives and a filler. Appearance. Thick homogeneous mass black. TU U 26.8-33610760-008: 2008 Reliable protection against corrosion. Resistant waterproofing coating. Withstand freezing temperatures. Fast drying

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    Mastic asphalt Avtotreid 3L

    • 80₴

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    Mastic asphalt Avtotreid 3L

    Mastic asphalt Avtotreid 3L