• Grease Texaco MOLYTEX EP2 400g

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Texaco Molytex EP 2 is produced with the addition of a thickener shear stable lithium 12-hydroxystearate. Lubrication Molytex EP 2 also comprises a solid lubricant MoS 2, giving it effective lubricating properties and high load capacity, and prevents burrs at heavy loads. Lubrication Molytex EP 2 also intended for protection against corrosion, oxidation and softening during operation. Moreover, it effectively resists water washout. application Compared with the conventional lithium protivoiznosnymismazkami when applying Molytex EP 2 propeller shaft lifespan by 30% longer. Lubrication Molytex EP 2 is specially designed for constant velocity joints (CV joint). Molytex EP 2 multi-purpose grease and can be used in a variety of construction sites, mining and agricultural equipment, including bulldozers, scrapers, graders, cranes, excavators, rollers, tractors, combines and cotton pickers. List of units and parts for which suitable lubricant Molytex EP 2, includes most types of antifriction bearings by simple sliding bearings to roller bearings, bushings and other moving or rotating parts. Grease Molytex EP2uspeshno used in constant velocity joints, installed on the front-wheel drive car driveline and chassis lubrication. Due to the content of molybdenum it effectively prevents the shock. Grease Molytex EP 2 is designed for use at high loads and extreme temperatures, resistant to water washout and protects against rusting. Molytex EP2 is not suitable for use in high-speed roller bearings.
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    Grease Texaco MOLYTEX EP2 400g

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    Grease Texaco MOLYTEX EP2 400g

    Grease Texaco MOLYTEX EP2 400g