• Grease WOLVER MODELUX EP2 yellow 400g

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WOLVER MODELUX EP 2 is a Lithium Grease NLGI 2 grade with special additives (EP-Ehtreme Pressure-extreme pressure), the improved lubricating properties at high, including impact loads. Wolver Modelux EP 2 is intended for the lubrication of all bearings, sliding surfaces at temperatures from 30 & deg ;; C to 130 & deg; Since, under normal and high loads. It can also be used for lubrication in cars, construction equipment and agriculture. Very successful is the use of a lubricant for joints cardan shafts (frogs), and spiders it will work better than litho-24. Good use this lubricant for wheel bearings, which by design are combined with the brake discs and brake drums (respectively for disk and drum brakes) and at long and hard braking (very strongly expressed in this downhill mountain) heating turns out very strong. A lubricant is warmed up to its limit of 120-130 degrees of efficiency, but it copes with its functions. In this lubrication excellent adhesion, resistance to stress, resistance to corrosion and resistance to deformation. Buy Grease WOLVER MODELUX EP 2 in Kiev in online store may be at a low price. It can be accessed as an online store, which operates six days a week, and in our retail stores, which operate seven days a week. Please! SPETSIFIKATSIINLGI 2DIN 51502: KP2N-30
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    Grease WOLVER MODELUX EP2 yellow 400g

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