• Car shampoo Turtle Wax Hot Wax with wax T3995 / FG6514 0,5l

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Wax shampoo hot-wax (T3995 / FG6514) combined preparation two-in-one - car shampoo-polish. Hot Wax hot wax - a car shampoo with polish which not only washes, but also covers the vehicle body reliable protective layer polishes. Do not be worrying a kind of universal membership - it really works well and how car shampoo and polish like, providing a high degree of protection paintwork for up to four weeks. Application: Hot Wax Dilute drug in hot water (such that the finger can keep, boiling water of not talking) in the concentration recommended on the back of the package. Then, plot the macroporous sponge composition to the body, while washing away dirt. After rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a chamois (recommended: Miracle suede Turtle Wax). Like all autoshampoos ruler Turtle Wax, car shampoo hot wax can be used to remove stubborn dirt from the car body, including tar stains and traces of insects.
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    Car shampoo Turtle Wax Hot Wax with wax T3995 / FG6514 0,5l

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